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Impact Wealth Management is an independent financial services and investment management firm.  We are neither owned nor employed by any brokerage or other third party financial institution.  This means we aren’t exposed to typical conflict of interest inducing dynamics such as meeting sales quotas or pushing proprietary brokerage products.  Fiduciary commitment to client goals is sacrosanct.  

We work with you in collaborative fashion to help clarify your financial challenges, goals and objectives.  These are quantified, prioritized and ranked to provide clear goal posts by which your progress is measured.  We envision our self as both your portfolio manager and personal Chief Financial Officer. The totality of your financial plan, from short term saving/cash flow strategies to long term retirement/legacy planning, is managed in conscientious and holistic fashion.  Customized and unconstrained investment and financial strategies are integrated into a cohesive financial plan based singulary on your personal objectives and unique risks.

Additionally the firm commits itself to providing exemplary, proactive client service through well defined policies that LIMIT total clients served.  Unlike the majority of competitors who have the proverbial “vacancy” sign in perpetual display, our clients can feel confident that they are in exclusive company. Our time and resources are not diluted amongst an ever increasing client base, which preserves the integrity of the firm’s mission and its fiduciary commitment to client success.  Prospective clients are evaluated on a case by case basis within the context of the firm’s capacity management policies.


Colin - Founder

Colin formed Impact Wealth Management in 2018 with over a decade of financial services and investment management experience.  As a Vancouver native, Colin is proud to work in and serve the community that has nurtured his professional and personal development.  His interest in the investment industry can be traced back to adolescence when, at his parents encouragement, he opened an investment account with the few hundred dollar windfall he had saved from his inordinate number of car washing jobs (the family automobiles enjoyed, albeit briefly, a golden age of cleanliness).  The beauty of compounding returns had an indelible impact .  Years later as a student at Washington State University, Vancouver, Colin eagerly tackled the complex academics underpinning finance and capital markets.  This technical expertise comes to bear frequently in the process of customized portfolio construction and ongoing due diligence of client finances.

When not immersed in the day to day management of client portfolios, Colin takes part in his second passion: music.  Currently the lead guitarist for a 90’s era tribute band, you’ll sporadically find him on stage during any given weekend at local live music venues (most likely playing slightly too loud and slightly out of tune).  Colin is also a rabid Northwest sports fan and Trail Blazers season ticket holder.

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